Urban Support Solutions

Netting Solutions - Asset & Bird Protection

Bird Netting Systems from Urban Support are an effective and humane form of bird exclusion and asset protection. Bird netting can be used to protect all types of objects, openings and structures. Perfect for architectural, industrial, aqua-cultural and agricultural bird exclusion.

Only by using the very best materials can we achieve results that last for years. UV resistant netting, stainless steel and copper fittings are amongst the quality equipment used by our trained installers. 

We can survey anywhere in the UK and have a detailed quotation ready the next day. Our bulk buying enables us to be cost effective and able to meet any budget. From simple void protection to whole buildings and structures Urban-Net will protect you from bird roosting and opportunist thieves.

Bird Nets are an effective bird deterrent providing a discreet and impenetrable barrier that protects the premises and it's assets without harming the birds.

Urban's Bird Net system is one of the most effective and long lasting ways of bird proofing buildings and other structures against all urban bird species. Our anti bird netting is particularly effective for large open areas such as roofs and loading bays as one anti bird net can be used to protect many perching places, Bird Netting is often the most cost effective solution. The anti bird net system provides an impenetrable barrier that protects buildings and it's assets.